About me

It's only taken me three years of having a blog to realise I should probably volunteer some personal information, in the form of an "about me" page.

So... by day, I sit in an office and administrate things. By night, I read, write, run, and dream of a glittering future where I'll be having incredibly articulate opinions on Newsnight, and will write columns that make people go "damn, those words are powerful".

I have a boyfriend who is referred to as Drummer Boy, or DB, because that's what he is. He pulls amazing drumming faces. You can find him here.

We live in Brighton. I can highly recommend living by the sea.

Favourite things: bookshops, coffee, cheese, Prosecco, running along the seafront, live music, beer, chorizo, Parks and Recreation, Homeland, feminism, eyeliner, stripes, tulips, long walks, observational comedy, hats (none of them suit me), Twitter.

Least-favourite things: migraines, green tea (oh, how I've tried to like it), rain, people who walk slowly, complacency, the Daily Mail.

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